The knowing equals the solving?

  I am fond of therapeutic pathways. I am fond of healing processes. Psychoanalysis, is a largely appreciated science of the discovering of a pathway through the mind where we are able to analyze, spot, explain and define in logical terms processes that have affected us since childhood and have left their traumatic mark in our psyche, affecting our behavioral […]

Thoughts altering physicality or ‘Flow…some seeds.’

  Αs I observe my practice I am observing something happening to the world in general… Τhe focus is shifting from the physical to the mental and the spiritual. From the low frequencies to the high frequencies… The mind is beginning to wake up to the body… Hundreds of people maybe thousands, maybe even millions are working towards this…Many are […]

Bodymind – what does this mean ?

    Bodymind is a compound of body and mind, which in the disciplines of humanistic psychology and spirituality, researchers in the second half of the twentieth century had begun studying in order to move beyond the dualist conceptions of body and mind towards a unified and interrelated concept of a bodymind. The term is related to the older concepts psychosomatic and somatopsychic.   Dualistic concept   Perhaps the leading exponent of an earlier dualistic […]

Working from the gut

  ‘Working from the gut’ The following quote from the biography movie on Ludwig van Beethoven reminded me of the audience’s reflection on my Solo Performance ‘MEDuLA’ which was that it was affecting and communicating with them initially and strongly in the gut. And also reminded me of my teacher and great master Phillip Zarrilli who was training us to […]

Losing my voice

  What do you do when three days before teaching a voice workshop you lose your own voice?   The options are simple.   You either cancel it or you remain calm and keep your hopes high.   Right after teaching a wonderful workshop in University Campus in Oldham, UK, I caught a very intense cold after being exposed to […]


    Physical Theatre is the theatrical art that focuses on the corporeal, psychophysical expressive means of the performer. Rather than looking into a character or a role from a psychological point of view, using the rational ‘everyday’ mind, we investigate the dynamics of the body’s intelligence and its response mechanisms into approaching a role, representing a notion, emotion or […]