The knowing equals the solving?


I am fond of therapeutic pathways. I am fond of healing processes.

Psychoanalysis, is a largely appreciated science of the discovering of a pathway through the mind where we are able to analyze, spot, explain and define in logical terms processes that have affected us since childhood and have left their traumatic mark in our psyche, affecting our behavioral system. However can it heal us or not?

Can an individual be healed by being a constant conscious watcher of his mind and of his thinking processes each and every time so he can prevent a slip toward the old habits, the old ‘dysfunctional way’ of treating himself, people and everyday life endeavors ?

And where the therapy stands in there?

The process of discovering why my tendencies or behavioral patterns are shaped in a certain way means that they will be altered and therefore healed? And what if this reasoning provides a constant excuse to ourselves of why we behave this or that way ?

The knowing equals the solving?

Personally I don’t think so.

I am not a professional healer but I have been studying people and their psychophysical characteristics for something more than 17 years. I have realized, and especially through my own personal experience, that the most effective road towards self realization and therefore actual, deep change comes through both the mind and the body at once. There has to be a simultaneous understanding of the mental and the physical system and its interconnection. To realize that the thought is brought to manifestation immediately in the physical plane and then this physical activity causes another thought. And as the actions alter, the thoughts start to alter too. And there has to be a devoted disciplined attention to this change of our physical action and consequently the change in our thinking patterns. After that, the time of reflection comes and deeper understanding follows through the actual psychophysical experience. Meaning you first make the change, perceived both mentally and physically, then you observe then you realize and you evaluate and then you repeat. And eventually actual change happens to your bodymind as a whole and you start to alter your behavioral patterns, the old ones are replaced with new and better ones. You get rid of unconscious blockages by bringing them to your attention through action.

You replace the old action with new action and gradually this happens on its own accord.

But the only way that this can happen and be absorbed in your system is if you like to do it.

If the whole process brings you pleasure.

If you really want to do it, do it full heartedly.

Especially in the healing of the psyche (= soul) the full presence of the person in need of it is essential. Nobody can do the job for you.

You should be wanting to do it yourself. And one the best ways to be totally present , as our wise teacher John Britton taught us, is to feel pleasure. Both your mind and body attention is on the ‘here and now’ and they work together in harmony, one not battling the other, but one fusing into the other. And your soul is satisfied and learns that satisfaction comes through this pleasure in the moment , through the harmonizing of mental and body activity, of thought and its physical expression.

Then the soul wants to keep experiencing moments like these and searches for similar experiences and pathways towards these experiences.

And then we find out what our body, mind and soul truly desires, what is fulfilled by.

And maybe we can face the everyday reality as it is without having to draw experience from a non existing past but react to an ever existing present.