Jam of Arts and Contact Improvisation Festival Thessaloniki


‘Voice is the Body’- Ensemble Physical Theatre & Voice.

‘’Ensemble Physical Theatre & Voice’ workshop by Aliki Dourmazer

 Thursday 22 & Friday 23 August 2013

We are training ourselves in ‘Ensemble Physical Theatre’ combined with the exploration of the vocal dynamics of the performer as a constantly energetic part of his expressive means. Using the practice of discovering our physical expressive tools, specific voice research- experimentation and kinetic-vocal improvisations, we activate an organic connection between our body and voice, between movement and sound.

Τhis physical and voice training practice is focusing on the following:

–       Practical Study and re assembling of the perceptional process of physical reaction – expression.

–       Τοols for preparation and rediscovery of our personal sound in relation to our inner physical structures with core principle the pleasure in the process :

Warming up of the body, face and vocal instruments as the tools of discovery of our unique voice / Group circle vocal improvisation / The joy of group singing as a way of sharing the development of sound and melody.

–       Direct connection and activation between body and voice, impulse – reaction through movement and voicing.

–       Physical and vocal improvisation in pairs, small and big groups.

–       Effortless, flowing physical and vocal expression so as to promote an open, without obstacles body of the performer.

We promote a continuous internal interaction between ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ stimuli in the performance. We cultivate the alert presence of the performer in the ‘here and now ‘of the action, in a continuous flow of pleasurable interaction with all members of the ensemble.