Presence, Action, Awareness, Performance: A physical theatre experi[ence]ment, Pisa

Presence, Action, Awareness, Performance:

A physical theatre experi[ence]ment


The act of Physical Theatre and physical expression involves the absolute awareness of the body and mind simultaneously. To achieve this in an ensemble group, demands the live presence of the performers in the ‘here and now’ of the action as well as the balance between the instinctive communication among the performers and the personal performative skills of each one.The voice of the performer shares the same energy with gesture and connects the ‘inner landscapes’ of the performer with the outer environment of the audience.


The latest trends in Cognitive Science help to understand the emergent dynamics on stage, within the performer and within the audience. Thanks to this knowledge the semantics of actions, words and the poetic of both is re-experienced, re-discussed and re-elaborated. The aim of combining the physical theatre tradition with these discoveries is to engage the participants into a broader experiment that might shed light on the mechanisms underlying their experience as performers and as observers of other performers.


Aliki Dourmazer and ESPERIMENTOQUADRO (in the body of GianguglielmoCalvi) will merge their different artistic paths to propose a new pedagogical approach to performing that can scale in complexity to cope with an artistically diverse group of participants. Everyone, from the experienced to the curious, will be able to learn new techniques to manage their expressiveness and to reach a better awareness of their body potential within the aesthetics of physical theatre.


In this workshop you will experience the following:


  • Structuring of attention, control and channeling of energy (John Britton)
  • Structuring and developing an ensemble in action
  • Structured improvisations in solo, couples and groups
  • Apparent movement and similar perceptual phenomena (Ivan Hagendoorn)
  • Actions interruption/fragmentation with words (GianguglielmoCalvi)
  • Voice research-discovering the resonance in the body
  • Voice expansion exercises (Grotowski, Chris Coe)
  • Physical scores as the bridge from body to text (AlikiDourmazer)


The workshop refers to amateur and professional actors, dancers, performers, theatre school students and everyone who is interested in exploring physical instinctive expression.


Location :Studio Yoga Sadhana (

Dates: Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd of December 2013

Hours :6 hours per day (times to be announced)

For information on costs and bookings call

GianguglielmoCalvi – 0041788578353 |