Voice Workshop Olham University

Workshop on the Voice of the performer.

‘Voice is the Body’

with Aliki Dourmazer 

‘Voice is the body and the body is the voice’

This vocal practical workshop, “Voice is the body” , aims to generate the activation of the organic connection with the performer’s own voice thus the transformation of the inner vibration to an outer sound stimulus.

Τhe vocal act in this approach is not treated as an ‘end result’ which we try to achieve but as a continuous process of inner interaction between inner body and outer stimuli. It is a journey of responses to impulses (impulse-reaction process), treated every time as new, in a step by step process.

Τhis voice training practice is focusing on the following:

  • Warming up of the body, face and vocal instruments as the tools of discovery of our unique voice.
    • Immediate connection between voice and body through the production of movement and sound.
    • Unblocked, fluid vocal expression through an open, clear body as medium/ container of sound.
    • Group vocal improvisation.
    • Play with pitches, colors, timbres within real or imaginary conditions.
    • Freedom and expansion in vocal expression which is sustained through the attention to detail and focus.
    • The joy of group singing as a way of sharing the development of sound and melody.

Through this training of our vocal dynamic, the development of a deep connection between voice and body, the free flow of sound in the space and their dialectic function as a medium of communication and expression we learn to ‘touch’ the audience with our vocal vibration through the energized performer’s body.

This training is influenced by Chris Coe teachings, J. Grotwoski exercises and is developed by Aliki Dourmazer through her practical investigation on the relationship of the voice and body of the performer.